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Yoga with Liseanne 

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About me 

Yoga comes to all of us at different times in our lives.  I found yoga when I moved to a new city, I couldn't do my normal activities ( I was an equestrian and had lost my normal access to that)  I needed to move my body. My anxiety has always been an issue but I had found it creeping in more and more. When I landed in my first class I knew it would be in my life forever, as much as I disliked it. I was the most fidgety and flighty yogi in there (or at least thats how I felt) my mind raced (and still does) in savasana, I have injuries that prevent me from doing the flashy poses and it drives me bananas, I thought I couldn't be a teacher because I cant do a handstand or most arm balances. But then someone showed up and shoved me in a YTT, it was so fast I didn't realize what I had got my self into... Im so glad I didn't have time to think because it has been one of the greatest gifts. I love teaching yoga, I love moving people emotionally and physically and giving them permission to do their own work. We are all here to see our selves, we use lifes distractions to get out of that work, but it is always there and we can't run or hide from ourselves (at least not very successfully). Life is beautiful and uncomfortable and yoga really gets into the nooks and crannies of our minds and bodies. 

The beautiful thing about it is there is never a wrong time or wrong way, yoga will always be there. It is accessible to any body, and age, and to any level of movement you may have. Although the classes I offer online are more geared toward people with a certain level of mobility, they can be modified and adjusted to suite any ones needs. Just message me for suggestions. 

I specialize in offering classes and retreats that move you into your breath, mind and body. I would love to meet you and assist you on your yoga journey. Check out the rest of my website for info and up to date retreats, courses and more. with love,


pei yoga

I offer  a variety of free online yoga videos,  small retreats world wide, classes, free meditations on insight timer, yoga classes  at On The Mat Halifax, Move east Halifax, and coming soon Nature folk!.

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