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Erin Olejnik, RMT
Erin has been practising massage therapy since 2006. She integrates Massage Therapy, Reiki and Myofascial Release with a competent knowledge of human anatomy, pathology and physiology to help her clients work toward a balance of personal health. With experience as a Birth Doula and a mother herself she also offers prenatal and post-partum massage treatments.
Erin is in the office Tuesday-Thursday




Liseanne MacPherson, RMT- NOT taking new patients 

Liseanne has been a massage therapist since 2006  She believes in listening to the clients needs and attuning the massage accordingly. She uses a style of myofascial release and deep tissue massage to asses and rid the client of not only the signs and symptoms but eliminate from where the pain or stress originates. With her vast knowledge of anatomy, physiology and a yogic approach she finds the right balance for her patients. She also specializes in pre and post natal massage.  Liseanne also teaches yoga live Online classes weekly and has a free Youtube Channel. .                  

Catlin Austin Smith, R.Ac -  

Catlin is a registered Acupuncturist who specializes in over all health. He focuses the treatment on the patients needs and treats a wide variety of conditions from;  headaches, fatigue, sports injury, menstrual cramps, pain relief, increased energy, improved mood, improved body function, boosting immunity, gynaecological conditions, mental health, sleep disorders, digestion and so much more 


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